Memory Roll-up Mattress in Vacuum Pack

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Size: Single (3')


Memory Roll-up Mattress in Vacuum Pack

A roll-up mattress in vacuum pack is a convenient and space-saving bedding option. It is designed to be compressed and tightly sealed using a vacuum, reducing its size for easy handling and transportation. The mattress is typically made of high-quality memory foam to provide comfort and support for a restful sleep. When unpacked, the mattress expands to its original size, allowing it to regain its shape and resilience. This vacuum-packaged mattress is an excellent choice for those who need a portable and easy-to-store bedding solution without compromising on comfort and quality. 


  • HEAD: Support of the head will encourage the neck muscles to relax and prevent tension headaches.
  • BACK: Correct alignment of the spine lowers back pain. 
  • PELVIS & HIPS: The foam molds to the contours of the body reducing the risk of swollen hip joints or an aching pelvic area.
  • LOWER LEG & HEELS: Circulatory problems which cause swollen calves or feet is prevented by spreading pressure, chaffing and soreness is also avoided.
  • ALLERGY SUFFERERS: Superb for people with Asthma as the foam is Anti-microbial and dust mite preventative, the covers can also be removed for easy regular cleaning. 



Mattress Size

Single (3') - Small Double (4') - Double (4'6) - King Size (5') - Superking (6')

Mattress Firmness

Soft - Medium - Firm

Special Feature

Dust Mite Protection, High Density Foam, Pressure Relief, Removable Cover

Overall Thickness

6" - (1“ Memory + 5“ Reflex)


Rolled Up

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