Adhesive Extra Strong Kwik Clear Transparent Tape 48mm X 150m

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Package: 1 x Clear Tape (48mm X 150m)


Adhesive Extra Strong Kwik Clear Transparent Tape 48mm X 150m

Clear transparent tape is a versatile adhesive product used for various purposes in both professional and everyday settings. It is made of a thin, see-through plastic film coated with a strong adhesive on one side.

This tape is ideal for sealing envelopes, wrapping gifts, mending documents, and a wide range of light-duty tasks. Its transparency allows for discreet application on surfaces, making it an essential tool for quick fixes and secure bonding without obstructing the visibility of the underlying materials.

Tape Length

150 meters (approximately)

Tape wide

48mm (approximately)

Tape Thickness

45 Microns (approximately)

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